Sunday, 8 July 2012

Seasons of life

      At the moment my life is a symphony composed of three distinct phases: 'a lot of people', 'a few people', and 'almost no one'. Each of them lasts about four months of the year. Like the four season in a year.

      A lot of people- when I'm in touch with my colleagues, people I know and people I don't want to know. We talk work, we talk movies, we talk politics etc. But all we do is talk as we have no time to do anything.

     A few people- when my friends are around. We hangout, we party, we bring out school days or college days and laugh out loud. We laugh at our stupid mistakes of past like it was just another thing that happened, which was a big deal back then. But time waits for no man or woman.

     Almost no one- when I'm alone not even I'm with myself. I'm lost in translation, but I don't even know that language. I have got friends but I need solution. I'm lonely in my head, heart brings courage through its veins hence we survive these stormy rains.

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