Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Heal the world

                    It is always you against the world but in the end world always wins. We can stand against each other but when we stand against the world, we fall. When god created this world, he loved it more than his children. Whoever of his children stood against this world, fell and was deprived of his endless love. Who are we to stand against his creation, when his loved and obedient immortals failed? We can be with the world and bring in changes rather than being against it. We improve this world more by being with it than fighting against it.

Fight thyself

                      Fighting for someone is greater/ higher deed than fighting with each other. There is always struggle in our life. But the struggle is given the name of the evil. We stop fighting against the struggle and embark the fight with each other. We are scared to fight against the powerful evil so we end up fighting with it. We fight with people who are weaker than us, husband beating wife, man beating servant, boss beating his employees, religion beating other religion and region beating other region. Here, both sides have their own battles to fight(base, thyself), but instead, they redirect it to each other, so that we can blame each other for the struggle that's going inside, blaming each other for the rise of darkness. We all have darkness inside, but the true warrior is one who fights the darkness, for light. Instead, we want to be warriors in the war of right and wrong were the foundation is flooded with wrong. Rumi said in his writings, "Your worst enemy is your(base)self, which is between your two sides." The fire inside will never extinguish with the other fire that you have started. 

Non-Living Person

              Calling a lift like its a person. As if, it's going to answer you-' Yes!You called.' We personify so many things in life . Do we want it to be- people we daily meet? We develop a relationship with these non-living things. But what about our true relationship? Are they so privileged? We are busy developing relations with non-living products and brands that we forget the true essence of life.What makes us human? Our family, civilization, communication and intelligence- makes us human. But are we humans or are we dancers? Dancing to the tune of machines and technology; Are we evolving? We are isolating from humanity and trying to find harmony with our money.


  1. "If life gives you one reason to cry it will give you 101 reasons to be happy."
  2. "Is the end, where I begin."
  3. "The question you need to ask yourself is that, do you need money or life? Money will be there in both the cases, but the risk is involved in the latter."
  4. "I show only to hide."
  5. "Every work given in the morning is little tough and always boring, but by the evening its like been there done that."
  6. "Self righteous people are always wrong about themselves."
  7. "Day never ends it always starts fresh. So that we can start fresh everyday no matter how good or bad the previous day was!"
  8. "I am not a rebel by choice."
  9. "I am soft spoken but my words are loud."
  10. "Its when your life is back on track you start caring about yourself."
  11. "Battles are always fought well, but whoever wins is always remembered."
  12. "Don't watch yourself while crying. You'll pity yourself. Don't ever pity yourself!"
  13. "When we experience sadness and struggle, we associate it with the place we have lived."
  14. "Do we need to die or be seriously sick to do good deeds? Does near death experience make us a better person?"
  15. "Don't take a conversation as an argument, start taking an argument as a conversation."
  16. "When a person is alone he remembers everybody."
  17. "Teenagers are species who aren't sure of what they'll do but affirmative about who they'll do."
  18. "Truth is always in front but we choose to look behind."

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