Thursday, 15 December 2011

Heroic Need

We need a hero to save us
There will be a light
That will show us our right
Enslaved and Engraved
We have no insight
Have a hard time living in the city of gotham
Here life gets loud and messes with your ear
Surrounded by layers and layers of atmosfear
Entering those layers we burn and; slam on ground
Dent on gotham, bruised and burned
Deafly ears hear no sound

Won't perish like the dust in wind
With supernatural power of belief
Fight back till the end
There is a hero in everyone
With power of determination
In men and women, there daughter and son
Subordinately passive
Religiously aggressive
People here are superstitiously cohesive
Have lived here through the dark
Striking revolution
Comes a hero to ignite the spark
Everyone needs a hero born in the neighbourhood 
Wake up
There is always a robin in your own hood

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Technically Speaking

In quest of making life better
thinking technically, my head jitter
I have lived this life for six years now
With grave intend and glare
I survived majestically somehow

From working on a job to flirting with a bob
Falling in a relationship, getting heartthrob
Now technically speaking life ain't technical no more
Roughly romancing, beaches & movies, roaming in the mall
Lunching & dining, pocket money did take a fall
Few thousand texts, few more cups of cappuccino, they want it all
Beg borrow steal the new mantra
because you always want something more

Writing your hand out, getting pals to write
Packs of cigarettes, bottles of liquor
What you wrote is going to litter
With all that smoke and intoxication submission is done
Victor's remorse: The song has been sung
Studying daily won't catch light
Watching closely with weaker sight
All so for three hours of adrenaline rush
Avoiding the massacre pass you must

Four years of salvation, life starved to death
Finding job in thousands nest
With no technical knowledge & null practical application
Boy is lost in this country's education

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