Saturday, 7 July 2012

Unseeing eyes

      In our entire life do we look at ourselves? We generally don't have time for that! Do we even look in the mirror to see closely, what is the color of our eyes and feel what they are trying to tell us. We take bath, dress up and comb our hair in front of the mirror but do we even look at ourselves? We are busy looking at others, what they are doing. But what about the horseshoe shoe shaped letter "U"? We have omitted that letter from our alphabets since we were slapped by life.
     We are normally stuck in the traffic on the highway where we try to overtake others and try to reach the destination before them. But have you asked yourself what after that? There is a popular saying that journey makes the destination worthwhile. But if we don't enjoy the journey, how can we be so sure that this destination is for us? Will we be happy reaching this destination? We can't swim in the air but who is stopping you from doing that? Doing that atleast we can learn some acrobatics never performed or you may even learn to fly. Similarly, we can't fly in water but in an attempt to fly we can learn to swim. So journey is what makes the destination worth no matter you never expected the found result.

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