Saturday, 2 May 2015

Trail of existence

Looking at the window with the droplets of rain. Droplets move down consuming smaller ones to reach the bottom, leaving its trail of existence. We are like a droplet, we don't know where we are going and where we'll reach; collecting all the smaller droplets of knowledge and experiences. But, our trail of existence will always remain.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nothingness- The need of the hour

Technology made me impatient; I am always scrolling. Want to stay still and do nothing.  In a fast paced life when people are trying to compete with one another, nothing can be a really important thing. There is no time for us to do NOTHING. When there is, we are too impatient to lay low. Checking our phones even every 2 mins, play a game or two. Sitting idle with nothingness is extinct now. Extinction like its counterpart came fast. I didn't even know what hit me, it was fast and exciting but now it just is a habit which keeps on repeating every few minutes.  

Monday, 22 April 2013

Suffering own demons

            I have many demons inside me which makes me what I am, along with the angels. I thought I had control over my demons but this irresistible force comes to me when I am weak. Demons feed on our weakness and make us weaker. Waiting to be released, angels lying in a closed beaker. Demons have taken control over them now. What happens to the Angels will be decided by the power of heart, the will to stand against the demons. Will there ever be a revelation? Complete annihilation of demons. Or will I be destroyed in this complete annihilation? The question no one can answer. All I can do is suffer my own demons and find the way to fight them. The struggle is long and hard but one who walks on the broken glasses can understand the true softness of sand. In reality glass is created by the fire between the sands. Truth is always in front of us but we choose to look behind.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Mind vs Matter

Attachment good or bad? A question that has been troubling many religions. We all had experiences of attachment in our life. But mine is weird though, can't make sense of it. A little while back I was in a place away from everyone I knew, miles from my comfort. I hated every moment of it, every hour, use to count my days backwards to when I ll leave this place and get back with my daily schedule and with all my life's comfort and privileges.  But some part of me wanted to miss that place, didn't want to leave. The final day of exile as I would say; I was back communicating with strangers, thinking the days are over and I'm done with this. Fact is, that I have completed my 12 days of staying away from my comfort,  but when I am leaving which I wanted to from day one, I am getting this  home sick feeling that l'm going to miss this place. All the time I had there, with myself, just me and my mind and no one else existed. I was lonely but calm. I wasn't comfortable but I was at peace. Mind was seeking for peace which I got there; peace of almost nothingness. 
In his entire life span a man can want many things money, car, lavish home and power but in the end it's the peace of mind that they seek. Peace cannot be bought by money, found by power or by helping needy. It can be attained by  knowing  mind , body, nature and time. Knowing self is always the first step and the last step. But from the day we are born we try to figure out the world and its aspects. Finding self is like finding god. God needs to be found and respected. So find yourself and respect it. The peace will be found or peace will find you.
Here I am back with all my family, friends and acquaintances talking, trying to figure out my career and my future. But my present is worried , restless, once again needs to feel my mind. The mind who has been confusing me all my life. There is an answer in this confusion which I haven't figured out yet. But soon will, till then it's just an unanswered mind trying to communicate with me in all sorts of language which  I don't understand yet.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The sleeping mind

Sleep my beautiful lady, sleep!
Keep your eyes resting for the morning sunlight.
Be found in the world of sub-conscious.
Wandering around confused, my un-cut precious.

Feeling weightless you drift away.
In the  imagination of the reckless bay.
The sail of un-conscious is calm and wilder the same time.
Wake up with the sense of present.
Farewell to this world for a while.

Open your light and smile to the waking world.
Present is waiting for your arrival.
Wave your hands and greet everyone.
The good morning from the lovely one.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Heal the world

                    It is always you against the world but in the end world always wins. We can stand against each other but when we stand against the world, we fall. When god created this world, he loved it more than his children. Whoever of his children stood against this world, fell and was deprived of his endless love. Who are we to stand against his creation, when his loved and obedient immortals failed? We can be with the world and bring in changes rather than being against it. We improve this world more by being with it than fighting against it.

Fight thyself

                      Fighting for someone is greater/ higher deed than fighting with each other. There is always struggle in our life. But the struggle is given the name of the evil. We stop fighting against the struggle and embark the fight with each other. We are scared to fight against the powerful evil so we end up fighting with it. We fight with people who are weaker than us, husband beating wife, man beating servant, boss beating his employees, religion beating other religion and region beating other region. Here, both sides have their own battles to fight(base, thyself), but instead, they redirect it to each other, so that we can blame each other for the struggle that's going inside, blaming each other for the rise of darkness. We all have darkness inside, but the true warrior is one who fights the darkness, for light. Instead, we want to be warriors in the war of right and wrong were the foundation is flooded with wrong. Rumi said in his writings, "Your worst enemy is your(base)self, which is between your two sides." The fire inside will never extinguish with the other fire that you have started. 

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