Thursday, 28 June 2012


      Why do we try to intimidate everyone? Are we afraid of them or do we have some sort of threat from them? We do not have any threat from anyone morally other than ourselves. We are our biggest threat.

The art of photography

      Why do we see so many people trying their hand in photography? They say, they want to see the world. I ask you , do you need camera to see the world? Or do you want to show others what you really see. Clicking pictures uploading on facebook, twitter, blogs, and flickr getting likes, comments and shares. A perfect wanna be we all have become. Can nature's true beauty be captured in photographs or its just a dead weight in your album? I 'll click my picture with a DSLR on my face that will make me a photographer. I 'll just wander around with my camera on the streets, national parks and mountain ranges trying to find my candid moments but do we actually see the beauty and cherish it? All we do is stick our copyright on it and share it with other want to be photographers. Do we smile while we experience the beautiful moment or we just waste it digging for our camera and clicking it.
      I'm not a critic, I'm just thinking.

Real dreams

      Have your ever felt this in your dreams that you are trying to run away from something but you cannot generate enough speed. You try to run faster but you just stall ahead. You feel its real until you wake up and realize that you can run fast.
     You forget this dream as an another bad dream but have you ever spent some minutes thinking on that dream.It's then you realize that you have been staling in your real life.

Branding Life

    Life is a brand with many campaigns, some are successful some ain't. Successful campaigns are always cherished and spoken about. But do we learn from the unsuccessful campaigns, the most important of all? Don't we learn from our mistakes anymore? What about the present? Sometimes we get answers in our questions but we are too afraid of being unsuccessful again. In that fear we stop living and become a well calculated robot. We construct our lives on our successful campaigns.
    We need to stop branding our lives and start living. We sometimes say, lets give our lives new meaning. Have we ever stopped for a moment and thought that, does our present one have any? If we haven't then, what is the guarantee that the new one will have some? All we need to do is stop reading someone else's dictionary and start writing your's.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Godly hope

Success takes a vision,
what can you see?
Seeing is believing,
do you believe in me?

Been following someone else's vision,
trying to explore my own horizon.
Man way leads to hopeless end.
God way leads to endless hope.
Trying to see god in what I do.
Hope crashes in me through the endless blue.

God is what you believe in
I believe in myself does that make me god?
I m not a god, not the best human.
but what I do is what I believe in
Give me faith, give me a new religion
Paces from godly war for region.

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