Monday, 16 January 2012

Suit Yourself

               When you come to life, you are just a little person who is trying to learn to drive the fleshy suit. Which you try for your entire life. First thing you actually learn to do in your body suit is to see. You look at the friendly, amazed and happy faces around, though knowing nothing whats happening. Crawling around your crib you stand tall. Tumbling your walk having your arms wide pen you accept whats given.

                Your body suit grows along with time you learn to run fast. But not sure of direction, you start running in which so ever direction given. Running like crazy you reach your destination but not sure whether you were suppose to be here. By the time you realize your body suit gets old and starts deteriorating. You give up on running and start escalating to your future. Few body suits come in your life and go, leaving you with memories. Some bring change and some to blame. But its the journey that makes it lively and living as it is. There is a destination to every journey but without journey there won' t be any destination, those will be just places. Similarly, without life we will be just body suits.

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