Monday, 16 January 2012

Don't Do Drugs

Everyone has a breaking point
Along with melting, boiling and freezing
When in your life there is no zing
You breakdown & rise 
Much to your own surprise
It's due fighting not drinking spirit
You drink and fall & cope the dope
You fight back before you lose, I hope
Hallucinating & living in trip of heaven
Happy the synonym for intoxication that you have given

All your dreams pass before your eyes
Playing your life on a pair of rolling dice
Drinking and doping for a smaller price
Supernaturally assertive
Bringing home ghostly career
Head at the base up-top rear
Your motto
Live life king size
Wee span royal highness, we rise

"Hello darkness my friend
I have come to talk to you again"
he said
"You have been with me all the time
All I want is to live in chime
Take my old days, give me a life
Happy with my kids and my wife"
Darkness replies
"You' have lived here for years without light
Leave me and go, you might
I'm hidden in every human deep inside
They miss me when lonely
I friend them soulfully
Some stay forever and go crazy
Feeding on there troubles I make them hazy
You'll miss me and come back
I'll collect your soul and put it in my rack"

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