Monday, 16 January 2012

Sin The Bad Sailor

Row, row, row your boat
Row along the waves, you won't
Windy stormy lightning bolt 
Lower down your sail, but you don't
Torn sail on a restless ocean
Met your doom out in open

Screaming wind deafening ears
Now missing my childhood years
Young as a calf old as a baby
Surviving chances are just a may be
All my life sticking to the rule 
Life has no rule or a school
Thinking of every alternative 
Life has no prerogative
Just when there is no hope
Your life is under a microscope

Surviving all the evil
You make yourself a devil
No spine with a top thinkless head
You are just as good as dead
Adventure and excitement are the novels you have never read
Drinking sleepless nights waking up but still asleep
All geared up for work tightening screws
A robot working for same few's
Surviving storm was just a starter
Been hitting with a dart at the cyclone center

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