Monday, 22 April 2013

Suffering own demons

            I have many demons inside me which makes me what I am, along with the angels. I thought I had control over my demons but this irresistible force comes to me when I am weak. Demons feed on our weakness and make us weaker. Waiting to be released, angels lying in a closed beaker. Demons have taken control over them now. What happens to the Angels will be decided by the power of heart, the will to stand against the demons. Will there ever be a revelation? Complete annihilation of demons. Or will I be destroyed in this complete annihilation? The question no one can answer. All I can do is suffer my own demons and find the way to fight them. The struggle is long and hard but one who walks on the broken glasses can understand the true softness of sand. In reality glass is created by the fire between the sands. Truth is always in front of us but we choose to look behind.

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