Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fight thyself

                      Fighting for someone is greater/ higher deed than fighting with each other. There is always struggle in our life. But the struggle is given the name of the evil. We stop fighting against the struggle and embark the fight with each other. We are scared to fight against the powerful evil so we end up fighting with it. We fight with people who are weaker than us, husband beating wife, man beating servant, boss beating his employees, religion beating other religion and region beating other region. Here, both sides have their own battles to fight(base, thyself), but instead, they redirect it to each other, so that we can blame each other for the struggle that's going inside, blaming each other for the rise of darkness. We all have darkness inside, but the true warrior is one who fights the darkness, for light. Instead, we want to be warriors in the war of right and wrong were the foundation is flooded with wrong. Rumi said in his writings, "Your worst enemy is your(base)self, which is between your two sides." The fire inside will never extinguish with the other fire that you have started. 

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