Monday, 16 January 2012

Stop Or I'll Shoot

           How many times have you heard this statement not personally obviously, if you are not a criminal. I was talking about movies, daily soaps or advertisements. Have you actually considered this expression in your life?
 Like a traffic police to redirect the congested thoughts and using it rightly somewhere, where it is actually required rather than keep it there stock to rot.

           To stop and shoot your ideas or thoughts of whatever you have been doing wrong and sentence your ideas to jail and rejuvenate it. Just like a criminal rejuvenates his life after prison sentence.Have you considered a fresh start rather than getting stuck at the wrong decisions you have made and living it all your life. When young you don't know what you want and what you are capable of, even after growing up you ain't sure. What the hell! everybody should be allowed to make mistakes and get paid for them. Growing up into something is better than fitting into something which is not of your size or shape. Why is that we are always moulded into shape that we don't want to be in? A shape that nobody likes but are paid good just for being in that shape. And a part which doesn't fit is discarded and locked in a room which you yourself don't want to open or is scared to. Being scared is good it shows that you are not a robot but doesn't even prove that you are human. Being spineless makes you man's best friend who does everything that man order's and when he order's despite he doesn't want to do it.
           In our first year of engineering we were taught Engineering Drawing were we came accross with shapes like orthographic, isometric, ellipses etc. We are fitted in those shapes as required. I was programmed into one, some are fitted by screws and valves, some are connected into and solderred and some are balanced and titrated and mixed. Some say it is not easy to study engineering its tough, but I say it is not easy to be an engineer. And to do which you never desired to do and still do it. Why can't life be so simple like watching movies, we always watch movie which we want to.

          It's 3 and I have been jotting for an hour now but still wondering do I need to do this. what am i getting by doing this? I an not getting a single cent let alone a single paisa. All I am getting is fun in writing my thoughts out and satisfaction in doing so. I am thinking am I a writer? Where can I write and get paid for whatever I write though stupid? People everyday read non-sense in newspapers nothing inspiring nothing with a spine. I am not saying that  this is inspiring or I am. But it feels good to me, I don't know about you people who'll be reading it.
Or shall I say to myself
                                     STOP OR I"LL SHOOT

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